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International model and healthy lifestyle advocate Lucie Petit shares with us her thoughts on fitness and fashion.

You can be honest with us... surely you indulged in a guilty pleasure or two over the holidays?

My grandma used to bake different sorts of Christmas biscuits like gingerbread men every year, and my mum has carried on the tradition. So this year when I received my package of Christmas biscuits, shipped from France, I ate them all over a few days!

What’s your secret to staying fit during and after the holiday season?

The best way to be mindful of what you consume is to eat slowly, so that you’ll be full without accidentally overeating (and you won’t need to undo that top button!). But if you feel like you’ve indulged too much, just go for a hike or hit the gym the following day. Balance is the key!

It seems like there is always a new eating trend or a new exercise craze these days; do you follow them, or do you have your own set of rules you stick to?

I always stick to my routine – if it works for you, why change it, right?

Personally, I do intermittent fasting, where I don’t eat for 12-13hrs a day. When I eat it’s plenty of fruits, nuts and vegetables; some fish, but barely any meat (if so, I tend to choose smaller animals for environmental reasons).

When I hit the gym, I have a set routine with the elliptical, small weights and yoga stretches. I also join the spinning classes at XYZ from time to time for a proper cardio exercise while having fun!

As the climate in Hong Kong is so different from your native country (France), what are some of the best beauty tips you’ve picked up?

Some may hate the humidity in Hong Kong, but it does so much good to the skin in the long run. And I love how women here are so caring about themselves - Asia has turned me into a skincare junkie!

I‘d say that the most important habits are to moisturize every day and do masks on a regular basis; use SPF protection every day; clean the skin gently but thoroughly, and have some makeup-free days.

What are your top tips for balancing your career, social life and relationships, while continuing to eat well and stay fit in a hectic city like Hong Kong?

You need to ask yourself what your priorities are, and make time for the things that matter to you. But you also need to keep your schedule flexible for some “me time”. The easiest way to do it all is to combine different things: you want to eat healthily, be fit AND still have time to socialize? Meet some friends over a healthy meal or a hike!

Tell us how you think we can spread the message towards getting more people to invest in quality pieces that are made to last?

I think people need to see the bigger picture; the impact of fast fashion is terrible for the environment.

I work as a fitting model for a couple of brands such as Calvin Klein, Scotch & Soda, and Armani, and when I see the amount of work and time they put into achieving 2 to 4 collections a year, I can’t believe that fast-fashion brands can put out over 8 collections without cutting corners during the process. 

Educating people about it is the key. I believe we should all invest in quality over quantity, and buy timeless pieces that we can mix and match with most of our wardrobe. I love working with Tove & Libra because they share this philosophy!


  • It was lovely having a chat with you, thanks for sharing !


  • Great interview, thanks for having Lucie on here. Liking the tips and yes for sustainable fashion, and timeless pieces!


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