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Our Story


Our families have been in the clothing business for three generations, manufacturing fabrics and apparel for fashion brands big and small. Watching the lifecycle of fashion products get shorter and dirtier, we realised the urgent need for a more conscious approach to what we make and wear.

In 2018, we finally decided to leverage this heritage and expertise into our own brand of expertly made womenswear.

Built on quality over quantity, and centered around ethical sourcing and production, our mission is to make fashion that’s better for both our closet and our planet. We also firmly believe that sustainable fashion should be democratic - a new kind of accessible modern luxury.

Our Process:

  • We own our sourcing and production facilities, which ensures ethical production, quality control and lean pricing.
  • We have insider access to deadstock yarns and materials which we then repurpose into our products.
  • We have consciously reduced the amount of single-use packaging throughout our supply chain.
Founders Ivan and Christine
Founders Ivan and Christine