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Our Story


For over three generations, our families have been in the clothing business, manufacturing fabrics and apparel for fashion brands big and small. Working from behind the scenes, we came to realize that we all need a more conscious approach to what we buy and wear. 

In 2018, we finally decided to leverage this heritage and expertise into our own collection of expertly made womenswear. Our brand is built on quality over quantity, which is better for our wardrobe, our wallet and our planet.

Tove & Libra is a truly vertical operation that cuts through middlemen and marketing dazzle, a reflection of our desire to promote a more careful approach to how we produce and consume fashion.

  • We own our sourcing and production facilities, which ensures ethical production, quality control and lean pricing.
  • We have insider access to deadstock yarns and materials which we then repurpose into our products.
  • We have consciously reduced the amount of single-use packaging throughout our supply chain.
Learn more about the ethical and environmental goals behind our brand here.

Founders Ivan and Christine
Founders Ivan and Christine