Workshop: Fashion Clinic

$55.00 USD

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What:Visible Mending, Darning and Sashiko Techniques
When: Sunday March 14, 2-4pm [POSTPONED TBD]
Where: Tove & Libra, S306 Block A, PMQ, Central
In collaboration with Tomorrow by Daydream Nation, Tove & Libra is launching our forward-thinking sustainable capsule based on redesigning overstock items. Kay Wong, the designer and dreamer behind Tomorrow, is renowned for her Fashion Clinic courses that encourage consumers to repair or refresh pre-loved garments to extend their lifecycle. 
In this workshopKay will teach the traditional darning stitch and basic Sashiko stitching combined with Boro patchwork, so that participants will learn some simple yet visually pleasing methods of repairing clothes. Participants will get to touch upon the ancient Japanese art of Sashiko, a textile mending and reinforcement technique using geometric pattern hand stitching.  

Participants should bring along their own piece of clothing with tears and/or holes. All other sewing tools and materials are included in workshop fee. Workshop will be conducted in Cantonese and English.

Tove & Libra將會與Tomorrow by Daydream Nation 聯手推出意念創新的工作坊,為庫存多時的服飾重新注入朝氣!身為Tomorrow背後的設計師,大夢想家Kay Wong最矚目的Fashion Clinic課程積極鼓勵消費者透過縫紉修補或重新設計,延長服飾用壽命。

Kay將會於工作坊教授傳統織補針黹,以及把簡單的「刺子繡」針法揉合「襤褸」拼布工藝,讓參加者接觸基本服飾修補技巧;參加者同時亦能了解更多關於「刺子繡」- 一種古老的日式民間繡藝,以平針手工刺繡出幾何圖案,常被用於修補或加固紡織品。


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