Game Changers Seminar - Jan 15th

Game Changers Seminar - Jan 15th

The new fashion must-have - insider knowledge! We're all tired of corporations using marketing dazzle to cover up poor quality and irresponsible practices to sell their fast-changing quick-dumping pieces. That's why Johanna and Christine, founders of RIL CREED and Tove & Libra, have leveraged their families' manufacturing heritage into their own ethical fashion brands. Now they will take you behind-the-scenes to share their insights and journeys in this intimate and informative session!

If you're thinking of starting a fashion business, or even just as a responsible consumer keen to understand true sustainable sourcing and its challenges, you can't miss this unique event!

Tickets: $150 per person, or $100 each if you bring a friend! RSVP here.

What’s included?
1. Key takeaways and action plans on your passion project or sustainable fashion label
2. Insider understanding of product quality vs marketing spin
3. $200 store credit on RIL CREED and Tove & Libra products on the day of event

RIL CREED Fashion Walk
Shop 7B Fashion Walk 1/F, 11-19 Great George St, Causeway Bay
9739 3162

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