Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day Everyday

At Tove & Libra, one of our founding principles is to make fashion a greener and kinder industry! In honor of Earth Day, here are five slow fashion habits to embrace year-round:

• Purchase with intention

Put your dollars towards supporting your values - while it seems so easy to shop fast fashion, fortunately small and sustainable business have been growing in quantity and variety. And there are several platforms that make shopping sustainably a breeze - Cerqular, Zanteia, Pinkoi and Smthgood are all platforms that you can find stocking our collection, among other independent makers.

• Fewer but better

Focus on quality, even at a higher cost. When something seems too cheap to be true, it often means someone else is paying a price. Invest in items that are well-made and can be reused for longer periods of time, or multi-functional items that do it all - this can bring down your cost-of-wear, making something more expensive actually better value.

• Dress For Yourself

Embrace what you really love, and what really fits into your lifestyle. Learn what actually looks good on your body type (particularly helpful for shopping online!), and dress to flatter your best features. If an outfit makes you feel confident, you'll reach for it again and again. Whereas buying on impulse or succumbing to the latest trend may mean another item stashed at the back of your closet...

• Care for what you have

In our fast-moving culture, it's often easier to buy something new rather than caring for what we have. But when we take the time to care for something, we appreciate it more. All Tove & Libra's clothes are designed to be both easy to wear and easy to care for, and comes labelled with clear washing instructions. You can also find general clothing care tips on our website.

• Reduce Reuse Recycle

From process to product, we take these classic conscious principles very seriously. Besides upcycling fabrics leftover from other designers' production, we also assess our own collection overstock and redesign these into fresh new styles! At home, you can 'shop your closet' by clearing some time to play dress up, and explore new ways to restyle your existing items.

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