Made To Move

Made To Move

Our team at Tove & Libra works hard to ensure our pieces are versatile, look great, and move with your body for unmatched comfort. We love nothing more than to see real women wearing our clothes, which is why for our Spring 2019 photo campaign we eschewed professional models for professional dancers, and let them stretch it out in the park. Here, the three lovely ladies give us the lowdown on their own wardrobes, and how Tove & Libra offers fashion that is as flexible as they are.

Milla Lykke

Describing her signature style as “oversized and casual, but chic!”; when not bedazzled in sequins on the dance floor, Milla Lykke is often to be found relaxing in her wardrobe staples. “An oversized cardigan, high-waisted jeans and a T-shirt are a must in my closet” she explains, adding, “I want to feel comfortable in everything I wear, no matter what I’m doing throughout the day”.

Milla also believes that fashion should be as functional as it is attractive, and looks for longevity and flexibility in her clothes. “The quality of the fabric is very important to me.” She continues, “I love to buy pieces that have multiple functions, and can be worn during the day, but also be easily transformed into a evening look.”  

It is this comfort and adaptability that draws Milla to Tove & Libra’s new cardigan, declaring, “I’m absolutely in love with it!” And when it comes to the perfect dancer’s capsule wardrobe, Milla suggests teaming the cardigan with soft tops and some great leggings for a functional and flattering look that looks just as good at brunch as it does in the studio


Liza Lakovitsky

When it comes to her closet, dancer and instructor Liza Lakovitsky happily favors The Dark Side. “My signature style is all black everything! I would say it’s casual, with athleisure thrown in the mix. I alternate between loose, flowing items, and more form-fitting styles.”

In choosing a simple color palette, Liza has effectively simplified her daily routine. This thoughtful approach extends to adding new pieces to her collection, whereby she is careful to select pieces that multi-task. “The most important element is comfort, because I’m active most of the day. Also crucial for me is that my clothes has to go with running sneakers because that’s mostly what I wear.”

Liza’s careful wardrobe curation prioritizes clothing made from quality fabrics that are easy to care for, keeping her look on-point with minimal fuss. “It’s important that the fabric looks and feels good quality, and is long-lasting through many washes.

This love of practical comfort means that Liza found her perfect match in our new leggings (coming in May!). She explains, “They feel amazingly comfortable and functional, but look stylish and professional.” 

Tiffany Yang

Tiffany Yang’s busy schedule means that she chooses clothing that looks great, whatever the situation. “I am always on the go between dance practices, workouts, and business and have to travel often for my job. That’s why I need my clothes to be both comfortable and great looking!”

So how does Tiffany describe her signature style? ““I believe that class and simplicity never go out of style. I love simple, elegant pieces that give me freedom of movement and expression, and allow my personality to come through.”

This personality is often expressed with carefully thought-out accessories that elevate even the simplest pieces, as Tiffany explains, “My favorite piece by Tove & Libra is the Dark Cherry Cuffed Sleeve Tunic Dress – I love that I can just slip it on and am ready to go.” She adds, “It’s very easy to match with most of my belts and small jewelry, and it also works with heels or sneakers, making it really versatile!”







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