New Year Resolution: Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

New Year Resolution: Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

With the arrival of 2019, our thoughts have turned from holiday indulgences to New Year’s resolutions – and if you’re anything like us, reducing waste is top of that list!

In addition to cutting down on single-use plastics and remembering to recycle more, we firmly believe that the widespread embrace of disposable, fast fashion has to change. While we may all love snapping up a bargain, there’s usually a reason why fast fashion items are so cheap in the first place: they’re often produced in sub-standard working conditions, badly constructed or made from poor quality materials – all factors that contribute to the sobering statistic that Hong Kong throws away over 300 tonnes of textiles every day.


So if you’re looking to cut down on your overall consumption this year and live more sustainably, why not start by investing in quality items that you can feel great about wearing? These are some of the environmental and ethical goals that Tove & Libra is built on:

Premium Materials

We take great pride in selecting the highest-quality yarns and textiles, with a keen focus on natural materials – such as top-grade cotton, cashmere and wool. This means our clothing won’t fall apart, lose their shape, or clog up landfills for the next thousand years!

While our FW18 collection shone a spotlight on extra-fine Merino wool - an extra-premium, super-soft and smooth material made from only the finest grades of wool from Merino sheep - our SS19 collection turns attention to Tencel fabric. Tencel™ (or generic Lyocell) is a sustainable modern fiber produced in a closed-loop system, that requires less water and energy than cotton production. Nonetheless Tencel™ offers the same softness and breathability as cotton, with the added benefit of a cool touch that's perfect for humid climes. Try it for yourself with our effortlessly chic styles that fuse style with sustainability.

Sustainable Practices

Our collection also makes clever use of deadstock yarns and fabrics that would typically otherwise end up in landfill. Coming from a family background of garment producers, we have insider access to great quality materials that are leftover from other production. Rather than letting them go to landfill, we’ve given them a new lease of life in our Tove & Libra range – think of it as ultra-stylish upcycling

Details That Count

Frequently, it’s the small details that set the best clothing pieces apart – and with our expert knowhow, we’ve taken the time and care to ensure everything fits and feels perfect.

We also source our trims, like zippers and buttons, direct from premium manufacturers (insider alert: our suppliers work with many of your favourite international fashion brands as well!). This means we can make custom requirements to ensure they’re truly top-notch.

Ethical Production

We’re happy to say that when you purchase Tove & Libra clothing, you’re supporting the production of garments under proper working conditions, by workers who are treated well and paid fairly.

How do we know this? As third-generation manufacturers ourselves, we work directly with either our own factories, or with long-time partners, where we can vouch for conditions first-hand. Our factories have been certified to meet stringent international standards ensuring that garments are produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. We’re proud to say that many of our workers stay with us for exactly these reasons too – some of our production and factory managers have worked with us for over 20 years!

So if you’re looking to be more mindful about your clothes shopping this year, join us in buying better and smarter!

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