We Support: Suits For Success

We Support: Suits For Success

Our team at Tove & Libra knows we're fortunate to be working on a project that we genuinely love. To help create more access to such opportunities, we are partnering with Suits For Success, a Hong Kong initiative that collects and distributes gently-worn professional clothing to marginalized individuals seeking employment or education.

Suits For Success understands that the confidence from looking polished and feeling comfortable can make a big difference to someone looking to enter the workforce. The groups they reach out to include refugees, low-income mothers and at-risk youths. 

This holiday season, we will be donating 10% from sales of all our trousers and leggings to this initiative. We invite you to take a look and consider supporting this organisation as well.

Donation amount will be based on net sales revenues from 20 Nov through 31 Dec 2018.

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