Charlotte Lafitte: A Vision for Sustainable Workplaces

Charlotte Lafitte: A Vision for Sustainable Workplaces

Charlotte Lafitte is Managing Director of Banyan Workspace, a boutique co-working space in Hong Kong that uniquely fuses elevated design with eco and ethical initiatives. Since joining Banyan, she has also spearheaded the launch of the Green Office Project, which provides services such as sustainability consulting and eco-focused procurement to other companies seeking to similarly reduce their environmental impact through practical initiatives. We enjoyed chatting with Charlotte about her vision for sustainable workplaces as well as summer reads.

Charlotte Lafitte wearing Tove & Libra sustainable womenswear

Charlotte wearing our Cotton-silk V-neck top and High-waist Linen Pant.

Hey Charlotte! Tell us a bit about you and your background.

Born in France, I found my way to Hong Kong after university. I first explored a career in retail, then hospitality; however I felt something was missing. I yearned to work for a company that resonated with my personal values and had a purpose beyond profit. With Banyan Workspace, I found my passion for promoting sustainability and encouraging companies to align their values with their actions. We have recently launched Green Office Project, where we aim to inspire and empower other businesses to adopt a values-driven approach that can better for both society and their bottom line. Our mission is to “normalise” sustainability in the workplace, from procurement to operations to choosing the right indoor plant! I firmly believe that every individual and company can make a difference by taking practical actions to positively impact the world.

Have you always wanted to work at a business with a sustainability focus?

To be honest, sustainability wasn't always my main focus when I began my career. As I gained more work experience, I began to appreciate the significant impact that businesses can have on the environment and society – and I also became conscious how companies may fall short. After meeting some inspiring people in Hong Kong, it motivated me to take action by directly helping businesses make a positive impact and work more consciously towards environmental goals. I joined Rasheed and Amy in the Banyan Workspace adventure because I was immediately captivated by their mission to inspire social impact and accelerate sustainability in business practices. Looking back, I see that my interest in sustainability was always there, but it took time to understand how we can all have a role to play.

What are some simple ways for people to incorporate green practices into their office spaces or processes? 

At Green Office Project, we believe education is crucial to empower individuals to overcome the “business-as-usual” mentality and embrace positive impact in their workplaces and beyond. Simple changes like eco-friendly stationery, reusable tableware and proper waste management can make a significant impact over time - or even choosing to wear ethical and sustainable clothing to work!

I’ve found that the most effective way to nurture green practices is by empowering people through communication, and offering solutions that spark curiosity and growth. When employees feel they personally connect with their company's ESG roadmap and understand how their actions can make a difference, they are more likely to take ownership of sustainability initiatives.

Charlotte Lafitte from Banyan Workspace chats with Tove & Libra

Charlotte recommends "Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill"

How do you multi-task between managing Banyan Workspace and Green Office Project? Any tips for others on juggling several projects at the same time?

Balancing Banyan Workspace and Green Office Project can be challenging. Having a clear mission statement for each and a strong roadmap to refer to helps me stay focused. We always look for synergy between the two projects to benefit each other. I also deeply appreciate the support and guidance from the community around us - I'm incredibly grateful for our team and their contributions to our projects! My advice to others is to stay true to your values, stay organised, and prioritise your well-being while also seeking opportunities to collaborate and leverage the support of those around you.

With summer holidays coming up, could you share any good books or podcasts to check out while traveling?

If you're looking for an inspiring read this summer, I highly recommend "Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill" by Matthieu Ricard. The book challenges the conventional idea of happiness as a goal to be achieved, and instead argues that true happiness is a state of being we can develop through mindfulness, compassion, and other practices. It's a valuable reminder to slow down, reflect, and focus on what truly matters in life - something we could all use in today's fast-paced world. As a passionate reader, I found it both inspiring and enlightening, and I hope you will too!

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