Lizzy Homersham - Living by her values

Lizzy Homersham - Living by her values

An enthusiastic advocate for sustainability, zero waste living and ethical brands, Lizzy Homersham is dedicated to inspiring others to make a positive impact on our planet. 

As a former-advertising-producer-turned-digital-creator, Lizzy shares valuable content and organises community events to empower others to live more mindfully — and have fun while doing so. 

We sat down with her to hear her journey, her thoughts on attitudes and challenges around green living in Singapore, and her top sustainable hot spots from fashion to dining and lifestyle products.

Lizzy Homersham Singapore conscious content creator
Lizzy is wearing our Tencel Multi-way Tank Top with Paperbag Bermuda.

Hey Lizzy! Please tell us a little more about you and your background? 

Hi! I'm a 30-something ‘Conscious Creator’ who just wants to drink coffee, create cool stuff and be kind to our planet. After 12 years working in the TV & Advertising world, I quit! Currently I’m on the look-out for more meaningful projects and clients who align with my values. For now my aim is to create content which inspires people. I’m British & ¼ Japanese, and I’ve been based in Singapore for 7 years. I’m a wife and mother to a wild toddler and I chronicle my imperfect journey on Instagram @theconsciouslizzy  

Could you share about your sustainability journey so far, and some of your biggest learnings?

I grew up in a working class town in the UK. It was the norm to have hand-me-downs and fix anything that broke. I was raised to value quality time and experiences over materialistic items. When I moved to Singapore, I began to notice a difference. There seemed to be a lot more waste, more plastic takeaway containers, a lack of recycling and more focus on shopping!
One day, a British colleague and I decided to sign up for a beach clean, and I think this was the moment I realised "we need to do better." From then on I started educating myself – reading articles, watching documentaries and made it my mission to be kinder to the planet.  
I’m not perfect, but I now make more conscious decisions about what I eat, what clothes I buy and what my child needs. I believe we can all take small steps which make a difference.

Do you feel attitudes towards sustainable living in Singapore and Asia are changing? 

Yes and no! In the 7 years I’ve been here, I’ve definitely noticed a positive shift towards sustainable living. People are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact due to the news and social media. I’ve noticed more vegetarian options in restaurants, more eco-conscious brands and an increase in buying second-hand.
In Singapore, there’s a growing emphasis from the government on green buildings, sustainable transport, renewable energy sources, green spaces and improved waste and recycling management. But is this enough?
At the same time, there seems to be a growing trend of impulse shopping, with companies like Shein, Amazon and Lazada making it easy to buy, buy, buy. My advice would be to stop and think before you purchase. Do you really need this? Buy less, but buy better.

As a digital creator, could you share some memorable projects you’ve worked on, and perhaps what you’d like to do more of?

I used to work in TV & advertising, and for one project we filmed in Africa in an all girls boarding school which relied on donations to keep it running. This was extremely eye-opening! I came back from the trip and immediately organised a fundraising event for them. These moments keep me grounded and grateful for what we have.

In Singapore, I’ve organised several ladies' events. I think there’s something so powerful about a room full of women, so I hope to continue doing more of these! I always choose a place which promotes vegan food, to encourage people to eat less meat.

Lizzy Homersham wearing Tove & Libra Tencel Tank Top and Bermuda ShortsJoining a beach clean made Lizzy realize "we need to do better".

As a content creator, you’ve tried, tested and visited many businesses in Singapore doing better by people and planet. Do you have any recommendations to share? 

Here are a couple of my faves by category!

ZERRIN – an amazing collecting of conscious brands
One Soul Many Stories – best pop-ups for great quality, luxury second hand items.

Analogue: incredibly fancy vegan dinner and cocktails, and check out the bar made of recycled plastic!
Vegan Bliss: vegan local flavours, I highly recommend the Laksa, yum!

The Green Collective – they sell all things eco
The Social Space – I love this place for sustainable gifts and they also have a lovely café
Scoop Wholefoods –  plastic free & refill products – amazing selection
Outfyt – my fave local activewear brand
Retykle and Preloulou - Kids second-hand clothes
Carousell and Facebook Marketplace - General second-hand items

How would you describe your own personal style? What do you gravitate more towards when it comes to getting dressed for daily life? 

Minimalist – my wardrobe consists of black, white, green & neutral colours. Everything goes with everything. As a mum, I opt for comfort and easy classic styles. 

As an entrepreneur, mother and wife, how do you strike a balance between your work, sustainability advocacy (which can feel heavy at times!) and time with family? 

This is something I’m very conscious about now. When I worked in advertising and TV, my job was taking over my life. I also had no choice over my clients, which I found difficult as I had to bite my tongue on many occasions when I disagreed with what they wanted. This was hard.
Nowadays, I set my personal boundaries and politely say ‘no’ to anything which steps over them. I’m taking projects and clients who align with my values, so I’m passionate about doing a good job for them. I’m currently working on a social media strategy for a brand I love, learning photography and collaborating with brands on my own social channels.
For family time on the weekend, we make sure we have a plan, otherwise time can slip away! For example, going for a walk or to the park in the morning, scheduling personal things while Ru naps, then swimming in the afternoon.
We’re also lucky to have a helper, which allows us to plan date nights and have time as a couple. I’m also a big believer in ‘me time’. For me, that’s yoga, catching up with friends and educating myself by going to panel discussions or networking events. This makes me a happier person and a better wife and mum! 

Stay tuned for more interviews from our Tove & Libra community! Looking for sustainable fashion in Hong Kong or Singapore? We ship locally or worldwide. 

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