Stephanie Dickson: Global Healing And Personal Balance

Stephanie Dickson: Global Healing And Personal Balance

Based in Singapore, Stephanie Dickson is a mother, entrepreneur and conscious living advocate. Through her pioneering work with Green Is The New Black, she has carved out a space making environmental consciousness “accessible and sexy”.

We’ve always been inspired by how Stephanie emphasizes authenticity in sustainability, urging a shift from rhetoric to actionable change. We chat with her about balancing entrepreneurship, motherhood, advocacy, and simple moments of joy.

Stephanie Dickson chats with Tove & LibraStephanie rocking our Short Sleeve Linen Blazer with High-waist Linen Pant.

Tell us a bit about you—who is Stephanie Dickson?  

A mother - who often still feels like a child - trying to make sense of a bizarre world  where the true cost of things isn’t factored in. Still grappling with the difficulty yet ease of life, and currently located in the city state that is Singapore. I’m the eldest of four children. An idealistic dreamer who frequently gets slammed by the weight of unmet expectations, who wants more than anything else to find permanent, joyful peace. An over-complicator who deep down just wants the simple life yet can’t stop being drawn to the bright lights.

You’re known as one of the pioneers of Singapore’s sustainability movement through Green Is The New Black. What has it been like to build a company in a space that had no blueprint?

I’m not sure I would use the word pioneer, you’re too kind! I’m one of many who just want things to be better. At the time of my awakening back in 2015 I tried to find a space to learn about sustainability, but what I found was too business-y, preachy or hippy. I couldn’t find a safe and welcoming space – so I built it.

I’ve always enjoyed straying off the beaten track and exploring limits. It's more fun to play and build on the edge where there isn’t a blueprint. Yet it can indeed be a difficult path and I certainly battled with it, especially during the early years. But at the time I couldn’t unlearn what I learned, and knew I had to be part of the solution. 

While it’s been a windy road with a lot of pivots and twisty turns, things have become much clearer within the last 18-24 months: we need global healing, and one solution is to activate conscious leaders. Responsible leaders can have such a large footprint and drive the change that we need. But in order for them to do that, they need to be supported on their journey. That is GITNB’s evolved mission and it’s never been clearer.

You’ve also ventured into a podcast, Live Wide Awake. Which episode would you tell a new listener to tune into and why? 

It’s so hard to pick just one episode, but if I had to I would say the interview with Mo Gawdat, former CBO at Google. It is a fascinating mixture of awe, heartbreak, wisdom, shock and intrigue. I was captivated by the entire interview. 

In contrast to 10 years ago, sustainability is now the topic du jour across industries. With that, the word has become so overused (and a bit misused, hello greenwashing!) What does sustainability mean to you, now? 

Put simply, sustainability to me now is the action plan for our survival on this spinning rock in space we call home.

Stephanie in Tove & Libra's Belted Denim Dress.

As an entrepreneur supporting green initiatives, you’ve tried, tested and visited many businesses in Singapore doing better by people and planet. Do you have any recommendations to share? 

As I complete more spins around the sun I’ve developed a love of vintage and pre-loved luxury. There’s the thrill of finding something unique yet new to you, while also extending the lifecycle and investing in quality. I love StyleTribute, I’ve found many of my favourite wardrobe pieces there. I’ve lived in Indosole’s upcycled tyre slides for years. I always take part in The Fashion Pulpit’s (Singapore's first clothes swapping store) bag auctions. Mandy T’s body moisturiser is like a spa in a jar. 

What would be your top three tips for anyone who wants to create a more meaningful, conscious lifestyle?

Switching to period pants and a cup was game changing. Less waste, way more comfortable and loving to your body and skin.
— Eat more vegetables! Not only will you feel better, so will the planet.
— Spend more time in nature. Go for walks, have your breath taken away by the natural beauty all around us. Remember that you too are part of nature.
— Be kind to yourself. You spend the most time with you. So be kind to yourself. 

Stephanie Dickson from Green Is The New BlackStephanie Dickson explains GITNB's new mission.

How would you describe your own personal style? What do you gravitate more towards when it comes to getting dressed for daily life?

You’ll often see me in monochrome or single colour outfits that are simple yet have a certain something about it. I like to be comfortable yet feel good.

As an entrepreneur, new mum and wife, how do you strike a balance between your work, sustainability advocacy (which can feel heavy at times!) and time with family? 

I’ll let you know when I figure it out! What I am actively working on right now is prioritising joy. After my eco-anxiety from COP26, I had a few epiphanies. One of which is that humanity is resilient – incredibly last minute yet resourceful. No matter how dire a situation may seem, there can always be moments of joy. And while it’s sometimes hard to practice prioritising joy over the heaviness, I really try. My daughter is the best teacher for being present, because every time I blink she’s changed. When I’m at work I’m focused. When I’m with her I’m focused. And as Arizona Muse recently shared at our Conscious Festival—when you say no to one thing, you are saying yes to something else. So focus on the yes’s!

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